EnGenius Long Range Phones Guide


Long range phone use DECT technology to supply a secure connection between the base and handset which is also free of interference because of the kind of technology used, long range phones tend to have the same range which is usually between 300m outdoors and 5om indoors. However, not only the range is an important factor. A reliable range is an important characteristic but some other things have to be in place for great connection and you should consider this while picking Engenius Networking long range phones for your needs.

Common Causes of Poor Range

With long range phones there is a base from which the signal for the handsets emanates. Since the base is the source of the wireless range, it has to be placed in a central location. If you are connecting your base to a socket at the edge of the house, there is a good chance your range will suffer. Wireless phone jacks can be the solution fro this problem.

Old buildings are usually constructed from solid and thick materials like concrete. Every wall the signal has to transmit through dampens the strength a little more and can reduce range and quality of call. This problem can be fixed by adding a repeater to your setup if possible.

EnGenius long range phone will not last forever. Like any other electronics, they need to replaced at some point. If your current long range phone is over 10 years old and you ae experiencing sound quality or range problems, that might be your queue to go for an upgrade. EnGenius wholesale has a variety of long range phones you can select from.

EnGenius Wholesale Dura Fon series

Engenius Long Range Phones

In the area of Premises Mobility Communications, Engenius Long Range Phones stand as a leader in the market. The durable handsets are the perfect business solution delivering over the top range for indoors and reliable outdoor range. In the most complex environments and buildings with multiple stories, these cordless long range phones will deliver premium quality communication. Deploying the system is fast and simple with no hassles involved. In no time, users can have access to prized features like two-way intercom, push to talk and broadcast so that communication is instant. EnGenius long range phones are for those working in farms, schools, resorts, hotels, ranches, schools, assisted living facilities, bid warehouses, parking lots, hospitals and much more. Some EnGenius long range phones include:

  • DuraFon-SIP system
  • DuraFon PRO system
  • DuraFon-UHF
  • DuraWalkie
  • DuraFon 1X system
  • Freestyl 2 system
  • Freestyl 1 system

Advantages of EnGenius Long Range Phones

Yealink Cordless

You can cover large areas with these durable handsets and move freely through the work premises while keeping in contact with other staff. Improved customer service is delivered through great features like two-way intercom and push to talk broadcast.

Staff can also enjoy voice communication and text paging in one handset as EnGenius wholesale long range phones easily integrate with existing nurse call systems through TAP capabilities. This makes for better quality care for residents or patients as well as better operating efficiency and productivity.

Engenius Networking for all your Business Needs

With the latest communication demands on business, it is imperative to have a well-installed networking system. A business cannot afford to have frustrated customers or productivity hindered by having a substandard network. Engenius networking systems are designed to ensure that you have a seamless experience between all your devices and computers.

WLAN Systems available

The neutron series is the ultimate wireless management system and can be used for companies, resorts, hotels, sports stadiums, high schools and universities. The system can easily be installed and operated by non-technical experts. Network administrators can manage and monitor both wired and wireless nodes through a single web interface. The wireless management switches can be used from 50 wireless AP’s to a lot more depending on the model.

Engenius supply an array of PoE Ethernet switches with advanced security features such as IGMP/MLD Snooping features, IP surveillance or video/voice transitions.

Outdoor dual concurrent APs that can operate in three different modes. The three modes are Access Point, Client Bridge and WDS Mode. They have two individual interfaces and each interface is configured to operate in the 3 different modes and up to 5 combinations.

Telephone systems

Engenius has a wide a variety of telephones available which will fulfil the business needs with a choice of 800MHz and 900MHz models. The cordless phones have a long-range capability for both outside and inside the building. The transmission of 26dBm and -111dBm sensitivity provides a 6-floor penetration capability. The handsets have a 2-way intercom whereby you can communicate directly handset to handset without having to go through the base station.

Surveillance systems

There are a variety of surveillance cameras that can be chosen which include IP cameras and long-range IP cameras. Whether you would like to have surveillance cameras at the office, warehouse. homes or retail stores there are cameras that will be suitable for your application. The cameras are fitted with high-resolution lenses to ensure that the images are clear. The ultra-wide-angle lenses reduce the number of cameras that need to be used. This has the advantage of reducing the overall installation costs.

Accessories for Networking

At Engenius Australia you will be able to find all the accessories required to extend all the networking needs. With the injector, there is no need to be concerned about installing a Wireless Access Point or IP camera close to a power outlet. The injector delivers power over an Ethernet cable. It is easy to extend the connecting distance giving flexibility to where you would like to install a Wireless Access Point. There are also plenty of adaptors and other accessories such as surge protectors.

All networking needs under one roof

Engenius Networking products are designed to provide seamless connectivity between all your devices and computers. An added advantage being you can solve all your surveillance requirements all from one supplier. If you require any repairs or extensions Engenius have all the accessories required for you to install the networking cables or for additional equipment.

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Epygi QX200: What you need to know plus features


Any organization with correspondence needs requires a telephone framework with a similar dependability and clearness of a vast venture item. Regardless of the measure of your business, you require an answer that will give a top notch level of administration consistently on each call. Your answer is QX200 IP PBX by Epygi. The Epygi QX200 is furnished with four FXO ports to associate with the PSTN. Likewise included is SIP trunking, so the model can associate straightforwardly to an ITSP at no extra cost. The QX200 begins with help for 24 IP telephones, which can either be physically associated or naturally designed.


Auto-arrangement and auto-acknowledgment capacities between the QX200 and confirmed IP telephones streamline establishment and operation, giving you the capacity to adjust programmed assignments through the Graphical User Interface (GUI). In addition, added into the product is a button, firewall and DHCP with disruption detection and corrective action; as a result, allowing your remoteorganizationa completeframework that can be supervised by a solitary gadget. At the point when rack-mounted and matched with an Epygi QX Gateway, control repetition gives included security.

About IP PBX:

An Epygi Gateways IP PBX is a private branch trade (phone exchanging framework inside an endeavor) that switches calls between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) clients on neighborhood lines while enabling all clients to share a specific number of outer telephone lines. The run of the mill IP PBX can likewise switch calls between a VoIP client and a customary phone client, or between two conventional phone clients similarly that an ordinary PBX does. The shortening may show up in different messages as IP-PBX, IP/PBX, or IPPBX.


With a regular PBX, isolate systems are essential for voice and information correspondences. One of the principle focal points of an Epygi QX50 is the way that it utilizes united information and voice systems. This implies Internet access, and also VoIP interchanges and customary phone correspondences, are all conceivable utilizing a solitary line to every client. This gives adaptability as an undertaking develops, and can likewise decrease long haul operation and upkeep costs. Like a customary PBX, an IP PBX is possessed by the undertaking.

QX200 IP PBX Review plus features:

The QX200 is outfitted with four FXO ports to interface with the PSTN. Likewise included is SIP trunking, so the QX200 can interface specifically to an ITSP at no extra cost. The QX200 begins with help for 24 IP telephones, which can either be physically associated or consequently arranged. At the point when rack-mounted and matched with an Epygi QX Gateway, control excess gives included insurance.

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Jabra Evolve 65 Headsets: All you need to know about earphones

Jabra Evolve 65 headsets or earphones are really smaller than usual speaker frameworks. They are stereo hearing frameworks that are wearable, along these lines giving portability to the client. Customary headsets were cumbersome and expansive with two speakers for both the ears encased in cushioned ovular ear glasses. These ear mugs were appended to a headband in the state of a curve that went over the head. Each of these ear glasses had a flag wire combined down as a solitary wire, which was associated with the sound player/radio through an earphone jack.

Modern headset:

The present Jabra GN920 earphones are innovative miracles to a great degree lightweight with no chafing ropes, practically unimportant in appearance, with worked in savoir-faire like commotion dropping, sound quality, solidness and solace. These headsets are not any more implied for simply tuning in to music or for callings like flying or the military. Headsets today are making even exercises like video conferencing, PC gaming, chatting on the mobile phone in boisterous conditions, and different exercises to a great degree agreeable. In addition, these headsets likewise give outrageous adaptability to the client to do different things all the while like strolling or notwithstanding skating or skiing. A few headsets are advanced to the point that they counteract outside commotion discriminately by taking out just the undesirable clamors. These are profoundly valuable for recording studios and other melodic situations.


Current Jabra Headsets for Skype for Business likewise contains amplifiers for headsets that are implied for phone or PC utilize. These are to a great degree valuable in workplaces like contact focuses where the primary action is to talk into a telephone for quite a long time. They empower without hands operation and in this way anticipate weight on the neck, shoulder and hands.

Types of headset”

There are various types of headsets accessible relying upon the style the choices accessible (standard/commotion wiping out /voice tube), (over-the head/on-the-ear/in-the-ear/behind-the-ear/convertible), the arrangement sort (phone utilize/portable utilize/headset connector/headset adornment), the versatility permitted (remote/corded), the sort of ear piece (monaural/binaural), the sort of telephone/PC association with be utilized with the headset (Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm/Analog), the similarity (to music), the sort of PC utilization (VoIP, Computer Gaming), the scope of treble/bass, the energy of the speakers and so on. Producers likewise give the support of online masters to enable you to buy the best headset, including rebates and guarantees.

Buying headset:

When purchasing a Jabra Pro 9450 headset ask yourself the accompanying: is it agreeable? Does it stay safely set up for extend periods of time? Is the mouthpiece adaptable and inconspicuous? Is the rope sufficiently long for simple development? Are the volume and different controls effectively available? Is the sound quality on both the lines clear?

Headsets are additionally extremely modest, contingent upon the sort of model. A decent match of earphones costs around $10 however to a great degree propelled demonstrate with every one of the works might be estimated at $150-$200 or higher. The Internet is a decent hotspot for finding the perfect headset. There are a few sites that give thorough data about the extensive variety of headsets accessible in the market today.

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Epygi Qx200: A Top Device Created For The Good Of Man



Various things have been created for the good of man. These things ensure that man is able to do various things easily. Basically, these things have been created to ensure that man lives a comfortable life. Man cannot do certain things with his bare hands; this is why different devices have been created. These devices have been created for different purposes as they are made to benefit man in every area of his life. These devices are created by different companies across the globe. An example is Epygi Technologies.

Epygi Technologies


Epygi Technologies was among the first manufacturers of IP PBX for small and medium business organizations. It is a renowned provider of Gateways and IP PBXs. The company was set up with the belief that companies, irrespective of their sizes should be opportune to have their own latest and economical VolP technology. Epygi is equipped with state of the art facilities and boasts of thousand staffs that are highly qualified in engineering, marketing and administration. Epygibelieves in creating a corporate community where there are excellent ideas are promoted. Epygi is a top company involved in product design and innovative R and D. Epygi Technologies is committed to provide improved efficiency and productivity of various businesses via mind blowing products and features. Epygi Technologies have created different cities for the good of man. An example is the Epygi qx200

EpygiQx 200

Epygi qx200 is a device that has four FXO to be connected to PSTN. The Epygi qx200 is equipped with SIP trunking which enables it to connect directly to an ITSP, with no extra cost. The QX200 begins with support for twenty four IP phones, which could be either configured manually or automatically. Qx200 has both auto-recognition and auto-configuration capabilities. This gives a user the ability to modify automatic assignments via GUI (Graphical User Interface). Qx200 has a router integrated on it. Apart from it, there are also DHCP and firewall possessing intrusion prevention and detection. This allows a small business a total network which can be managed by one device. When Epygi qx200 is combined with Epygi QX Gateway, its power redundancy would provide extra protection. Qx200 is able to support sixty four concurrent calls. The qx200 IP PBX is created for offices with close to two hundred employees.


The QX200 system has 4 FXO ports which ensure that it can connect to PSTN. It also has FXS ports which are for fax machines and analog phones. QX200 has SIP trunking that ensures the qx200 connects without any other equipment to an ITSP. Qx200 has different features and characteristics such as SIP intrusion detection and firewall. The qx200 has T1, E1, ISDN BRI, FXS, FXO ports which can be provided making use of Epygi QX Gateways. When QX200 is combined with Epygi QX, it gets protected via power redundancy.



Epygi QX200 is very beneficial as it ensures that people are able to connect well with one another. The Epygi QX200 has different features that ensure it functions effectively and efficiently.

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Engenius: Providing Quality Networking Solutions


There are different things have been made for the benefit of man. These things ensure that man is able to accomplish the goals he has set for himself. In life, one would tend to face various difficulties when trying to perform certain activities. These difficulties usually serve as deterrents to most people as they lose interest in partaking in certain activities. As a result of this, various devices have been created to aid man in his work. These devices have been created in different kinds as they have different functions which they serve. Devices are created to affect every area of a man’s life positively. These devices are available in different kinds as they are made by different companies. Among these companies that create devices for the good of man is Engenius


EnGenius is a company involved in the production of equipment for long range wireless communication. This company creates a product line for every kind of wireless environments, ranging from network servers to long range cordless phones, end user wireless network products and security products. Engenius is a renowned company known to be involved in new era technology. It makes use of advanced high power, transmission rate technology and high transmission. Engenius provides a stable and clear transmission quality, whether indoor or outdoor, irrespective of the environment. Engenius Long Range Phones boasts of high quality, efficiency and clear communication environment. In order to ensure top quality, Engenius provides products that are thoroughly screened and examined in order to test their efficiency and reliability. All products of Engenius meet up with international standards and requirements. This has been proven countless numbers of times. Engenius is a company known to always provide quality products to their customers. They have customers across the globe as there are various EnGenius outlets in different cities worldwide.

EnGenius’s services

Engenius Wholesale provides reliable and efficient telecommunication performance. It provides expert long range cordless telephone solutions to create quality networks with top efficiency and effectiveness. EnGenius boasts of flexible configuration, large property and workplace mobility. Engenius help enterprise partners to create a complex network infrastructure to stand up to application usuages with efficient performance. En Genius has a goal to derive demands of different multimedia connectivity with top performance. The whole product line of Engenius is optimized with easy interface for new users.

EnGenius provides a wide line of wireless outdoor access points for different scenarios for restaurants, companies’ etc. that want to provide internet connection to workers and guests. Having a stable internet connection in a work place would help in accomplishing various activities. Engenius provides networking to schools, universities, offices etc. Engenius provides different services and products to customers. Some of these products include:

  1. Networking hardware: Engenius provides various networking solutions for both indoor and outdoor environment.
  2. Network Switches: these stiches help to provide top network performance.
  3. Indoor wireless: Engenius provides a large selection of both managed and unmanaged access points. Ethernet bridges also provide flexibility for different deployment needs

Polycom Video Conferencing: All You Need To Know And More

Present day business operations all have the same features and benefits:At the point when time is utilized, efficiency and constantresultincreases inside a business association. Innovation keeps on giving laborers and organizations new devices to help use time. Polycom Video Conferencing could turn out to be a standout amongst the most critical time utilizing business apparatuses of the 21st century. Once an extravagance for just the biggest organizations, video conferencing is starting to change the scene of how organizations speak with both representatives and customers. In its least difficult shape, video conferencing permits two people though miles away from each other yet still adequately able to communicate as though they were just within the same space or room. Frameworks being used today can now interface numerous gatherings over various landmasses – continuously with fabulous and excellent video and sound.

About Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing capacities started in the 1970s. Like other innovation being used today, video conferencing has changed significantly since it was first introduced. Early defenders of video conferencing innovation had no guidelines or conventions to depend on. This reality made a video chat through video a costly suggestion – one that lone gigantic organizations and government offices could manage. In a period where mobile phones were as yet 10 years away for most customers and organizations, video chats were few and far between.

Present day:

Today, reasonable systems and frameworks are broadly accessible over the globe. Interoperability of video remotely coordinating frameworks is for all intents and purposes ensured now that measures and conventions have been unmistakably settled.

Protocols and Particular Standards for Video Conferencing:

To make any innovation usable for the masses, guidelines and conventions are required to safeguard frameworks; programming and equipment are pervasive in all cases. To help ensure video remotely coordinating between manufacturers, the authorities(International telecommunication union) produced and characterized a progression of video conferencing guidelines.

How Video Conferencing Works:

The achievement of a video chat depends totally on the hardware and system capacities behind that gear. Since ongoing video contains a colossal measure of information, it is basic that the framework being utilized can deal with a high measure of data transmission at any given time. Luckily,  Polycom video conferencing frameworks are intended to “test” and “pack” a specific bit of information, (for example, the perpetual “foundation’ of the room) to help monitor data transfer capacity. This pressure is expert through what is normally known as a “codec”. A video codec is the gadget or programming that empowers video pressure and additionally decompression for advanced video.

Ask yourself this question before Choosing a Video Conferencing Solution:

A wide mixture of video conferencing frameworks is accessible in the commercial center. Before obtaining hardware or administrations from merchants, consider the accompanying as a beginning stage to limit the prerequisites of a framework that fits with your business needs:

Question 1:

In what capacity will you be utilizing video conferencing? A straightforward video meeting between representatives in a similar town, building or territory will require a more essential arrangement than video conferencing various gatherings over the endless separations. Decide the most extreme video meeting situation you will use to limit data transfer capacity and hardware necessities.

Question 2:

How huge is the meeting room where you plan to direct video gatherings? Camera abilities will rely on upon the extent of the room and number of individuals included. Directing a video gathering in a little assembly room with many members will require a very extraordinary arrangement than 1-2 people transmitting from a little office.

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Polycom video conferencing equipment & accessories for offices, businesses, and conferences from Mia Distribution.

Engenius Long Range Phones Cordless: What exactly are they plus other important info

Do you have a current phone in your home? You may have found out about Engenius Long Range Phones? Before whatever else, this innovation might be permitted or not permitted in your general vicinity, so attempt to check with your nearby experts. This innovation will empower you to interface various telephones starting with one house then onto the next house yards away sparing you your cash and dodging numerous records and telephone bills.

What is long range phone cordless?

Engenius Long Range Phones can be discovered online in any e-tailers that offers phones and their accessories for sale. You can likewise get them in some nearby stores. This sort of telephone additionally uses remote innovation, for example, WiFi or remote constancy or Bluetooth innovation.

Wi-Fi 802.11:

For the individuals who are looking for longer correspondence extend, utilize WiFi 802.11. This kind of remote association is utilized to exchange web information from a modem to PC. WiFi telephones additionally utilize this innovation. Another kind of association utilized is Bluetooth association which is regular in our telephones particularly when we needed to exchange information. This is additionally utilized for long-go cordless telephones anyway it has lesser range contrasted with WiFi.

Issues using long range phones:

There are known issues when utilizing remote associations, for example, electromagnetic impedances from EMI gadgets. These issues are limited or killed with the utilization of DECT innovation. Truth be told, most telephoneadvancements today utilize this innovation to enhance remote telephone associations.


Modems utilized for remote web associations utilize switches to expand the range while long-run cordless telephones utilize repeaters to broaden the telephone association. These repeaters are the telephones itself. These telephones are the repeaters. They re-stretch out association with the home base to expand the range.

Where to buy from:

Are you looking for where to purchase long range phones from? Maybe you have heard about it and still need more information about the product. The best you can do to locate a god product is to actually patronize reputable dealers. These reputable dealers must have solid online presence which means that they must be present in many social network as this will enables you generate information about them. Usually, a dealer with a bad intention would be careful about creating online presence but a reputable one will not. So, before buying simply search for a review about their product and find out what people are saying about the products.

Reviews are actually from customers like you, so always lookout for it when buying any product online or offline.

In the event that you are going to buy a Engenius Long Range Phones cordless with extenders, make a point to check whether your territory grants it or not. Ensure that you buy an astounding telephone that is anything but difficult to utilize and setup and can really do powerful correspondence between two individuals on the telephone. You can discover twofold, triple, or different cordless telephones that have these capacities on the web.

Mia Distribution

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Skype For Business Compatible Headsets: features, description, and guide

There are such a variety of confirmed compliant headsets for Skype business by VXi, Plantronics Jabra GN920. Be that as it may, can you guess which among the device is good for you? There aremany distinctive model headsets that are ensured for business on Skype. Value go anywhere between 50 to 400 dollars contingent upon your financial plan. Clearly it’s not reasonable for a $400to be compared with a $50 headset; the higher priced headset will clearly be a superior headset. The fact that a large number of headset’s quality needs checking, below are few listed according to cost, value, and quality.

Jabra 550 MS

This is a decent low end Skype For Business Phones compatible headsets. Magnificent “value for the money”, cost just at $59, exceptionally well fabricated, fantastic development, and the major one is Jabra whichhas an entire 2 year guarantee. The Jabra 550 is fitting and affirmed by MS. It possesses every one of the components of a top of the line headset, clamor wiping out, in-line management, mouthpiece, excellent noise security, and surprisingly it accompanies a travel pocket.

C320-M Microsoft Office Communicator Plantronics

This is another great decision for call focuses conveying vast Blackwire C320amount of headsets for Skype business. This brandcomes with stereo hi-fi and covers the two ears. Therefore when specialistsarenot making calls, they can enjoy music from their PC. The double ear include a device that lock out noise from the background in a bustling office, hence the headset user can concentrate and not be distracted when making calls. The headset is likewise supported by a 2-year guarantee.

C520-M Dual-Ear Headset USB

The headset devise is a decent quality mid-extend Skype for business compatible headsets. ItBlackwire 500 has a component that cannot be found in other headset and it is intelligent sending innovation. It is easy to pick a call and answer just by wearing the headset; calls starts immediately the headset is in place, no touching any control buttons on PC. Similarly to other headset, all the in-line management features are in place. Additionally, the gadget can be folded easily and it accompanies a travel pocket. Therefore, it is possible that you can take it anywhere, traveling, business engagements, etc.

Ms Lync Jabra EVOLVE 40 MS Mono USB Headset

This is an excellent headset perfect for Skype for business compatible headsets.  It is coordinated with a 3.5mm advanced mobile phone connector. So you can associate it either to the PC through USB or a cell phone or tablet. It has DSP (advanced flag handle) for clear sound, a component that the low end models don’t have. It is obviously, fitting and-play perfect with Skype for Business. It additionally has an implicit occupied light to alarm different specialists around that you’re on a live call.

There are many other headset, but you can be extremely contented with the headsets mentioned in this article. In the event that you have additionally addresses in regards to these headsets, simply check online for any reputable website offering Skype for business compatible headsets for sell.

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Jabra motion MS headsets for Jabra Headsets for Skype for Business at Mia Distribution. Jabra motion MS is bluetooth headset with touch screen base for Desk phone. Browse our brands to get info on all our latest product ranges, product specifications and the vendors.

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